A few weeks ago, I posted about Wakaliwood: Uganda's nascent action film industry (a tasty blend of Kung-Fu and American Action genres, in an epic Ugandan style). I HAD to buy some swag from their online store: just too cool to pass up (gotta have their sweet Wakaliwood patch on my field jacket)!

Today was like Christmas. But awesomer. It was like if Christmas was about getting a bunch of epic action stuff and Santa Claus came from Uganda and kicked a lot of ass, and you didn't have to put a pine tree in your house! 

When a package like this comes in the mail: get ready for five flavors of AWESOME!! (And yes, I should be a Commando) And as for the unboxing:
I ordered a t-shirt, a few pins and patches... but SO MUCH MORE EPIC arrived! These guys make their products like they make their films: 200% AWESOME and 200% FUN! It came with stickers (now adorning my laptop with pride), a bark-paper Wakaliwood magnet, an "Uncle Benon Approves" magnet (I don't personally know Uncle Benon; he is an amazing Kung-Fu mentor and I am certain that he is cooler than any of my uncles and I welcome his approval), and an autographed photo "Supa Tim! Eat Meat!" (1.Thanks for considering me Supa [I am], and 2.Yes, I'm a big fan of BBQ). 

...And a letter from Steven Senegal, Ebola Hunter.  

"Dear Mr. Senegal,
The shirt you made for me is perfect and awesome (and thank you for all of the other cool stuff). I am so ready to be a Ugandan movie star (I don't know Kung-Fu, but I look good in camouflage and would make a good background extra)! All of you in Wakaliwood: please keep being awesome! Big Love from California!

Yours Truly,

-- Commando Tim K." 


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