One of the best meals I have ever had was a pan-seared duck breast with a balsamic vinegar reduction. It claimed the "Best Meal" title because of two reasons: 1). It was properly cooked and 2). because it was simple [I was able to enjoy the duck without the distraction of too many other ingredients]. This principle for success can be applied to most other things in this world, including the perfect pocket knife. Two things: properly made and made simple
Douk-Douk handcrafted pocket knives have been in production by M.C.Cognet Cutlery since 1929. Their eponymous "Douk-Douk" model knife was designed for sale in French colonies in Melanesia: a clip-point carbon steel blade (easily sharpened) with acid-etched arabesques, a blued sheet-metal handle with the engraved "Duk-Duk" figure [a costumed secret society of Papua New Guinea which enforced tribal matters during the full moon]. This knife has only six simple parts; it technically does not even have a locking mechanism for the blade: the squared knife base strongly favors the knife to be either closed or opened.
M.C.Cognet Cutlery has produced a family of related knives, historically for markets in French colonies: their "El Baraka" model for North Africa (e.g. - French Algeria; featuring regional Tuareg designs), the "Tiki" model for Polynesia, and the drop-point "Squirrel" (l'Écureuil) for domestic/French markets. Earlier models included the #821 "Le R.D.A." for West and Central Africa ("Royal Drums Ancestors" - Rassemblement Démocratique Africain, a political party in French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa who fought for the decolonization of African nations).

Most knife aficionados will speak lovingly of these knives, and many collect Douk-Douk knives exclusively. I personally own two and usually have one in my pocket at any given time: whether opening a package, peeling an apple, or carving graven images into a piece of wood, the Douk-Douk has proven to be a reliable and elegantly simple knife. Depending upon size, a Douk-Douk knife can usually be found for between US $20-$35; affordability also makes this knife even more appealing. 

BONUS ROUND: on M.C.Cognet's website, one can even buy one of these beautiful, hand-carved Douk-Douk pendants (I really want one!). 


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